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Digital Isolation Management System

End to end isolation management during complex maintenance

OneTag Value Pillars

Saves time

NO Paper

Saves Time

Continuous improvement

Continuous Improvement

Enforce compliance

Enforce Policy Always

Happy Crew & Contractors

Standardised Procedures


We play well

OneTag impact

Stats below taken from a 12 week, major vessel docking maintenance activity.

Crew time saved

700 hours... eliminating handwriting of danger tags and logs

Contractor time saved

1,100 hours...

...streamlining contractor lock on/off 

OneTag - Features 

Policy enforced, always

Policy mandated workflows are enforced every time.

OneTag tablet

Live visibility

Live view of maintenance status

OneTag dashboard closeup

NO Paper

NO written forms

NO written tags

Danger tag printer

Continuous Improvement

Retain isolation boundaries for next time

OneTag closeup

Trusted by the best

Royal Australian Navy
BAE Systems
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