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Company Overview

BlueCats is the only Real Time Location System (RTLS) provider with solutions that scale across Ultra-Wide Band (UWB) and Bluetooth. A technology innovator for more than 10 years, we specialize in real-time proximity and sensing technology to increase safety, efficiency and productivity, and our real-time asset tracking solutions have tracked everything from cattle and forklifts to NFL players and employees. Our solutions provide real-time metrics on what is happening within the business, allowing you to make mission critical business decisions. BlueCats’ vision is to provide digital awareness to every business on the planet.

Executive Team

Nathan Dunn

Chief Executive Officer

Kurt Nehrenz

Chief Technology Officer, Strategy

Cody Singleton

Chief Technology Officer, Innovation

Our vision for the future

Provide digital awareness via innovative solutions that enable confident decisions.

We are built on these fundamental principles



BlueCats is always on the lookout for incredibly talented people. Interested in joining our innovative, fast-growing team? Get in touch!

Meet the team

Our team is full of curious, passionate, and innovative thinkers.
We are subject matter experts in UWB and Bluetooth® Low Energy. From code to design, we provide the best solutions for our customers in different industries around the world.

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