360° coverage & capacity
Twice the spatial coverage than other UWB AoA attempts (from a single Locator).
1,000 positions / second  

That’s 25 x more than Bluetooth Low Energy.  

1° of angular error  

6 x better angle error than current Bluetooth Low Energy or UWB AoA (from a single transmission).


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BlueCats Angle of Arrival Core Features

From UWB to best in class PoE

  • Multiband Solution: Designed with UWB for ranging and locating + Bluetooth Low Energy for locating and telemetry.
  • Interoperable Design: Compliant to FiRa™ PHY and MAC, 802.15.4z , plus support for standards-based tags.
  • Best in class PoE: 802.3bt compliant  PoE pass-through – daisy chaining – 7 Locators.
BlueCats Angle of Arrival Core Features

Deployable, scalable, durable

  • Ready to Deploy: Designed for standardized cabling and cabling tools + onsite calibration and set up tools.
  • Ready to Scale: Onboard LTE / Wi-Fi / Ethernet backhaul + No wired timing synchronization between Locators.
  • Ready for the Outdoors: Built in LTE & GNSS with Solar Power options + solved positions sent straight to the cloud.

From Set up to Diagnostics – Loop Location Engine

Layout + Planning

Plan and configure the layout of Locators and tracking zones. Import floor plans, enable device auto-discovery, and even select location solving strategies from standardised templates.

Coverage Simulations

Plan installations with high-fidelity tracking coverage estimation by simulating coverage of proposed Locator layout before physical installations.  You can even test alternative layout strategies.

Tracking Performance

Run 3D tracking simulations using proposed hardware layouts before installing physical network to compare Locator layouts and optimise location solver configurations.

Live Diagnostics

Monitor live network post-installation with real-time diagnostics, including; Tag and Locator sensor data statistics, system status monitoring and notifications, and remote device alarm monitoring.

Room Certainty

Automated path mapping based on floorplans and constant position validations provide highly accurate room certainty even at room boundaries.