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Setting up your BlueCats Beacons with Eddystone URL

Wondering if BlueCats beacons will work with Eddystone URL and Google Nearby or not sure how to setup the beacons? We have created two useful videos to guide you through this process below: Setting up your BlueCats Beacons with Eddystone URL Setting Up Your BlueCats Beacons with Nearby Notifications   Need more information? Email us at support@bluecats.com Or check out our Quick Started Guide and visit support.bluecats.com...

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BlueCats & Connecthings Joins AustinCityUP™ To Provide Proximity and Mobile Location Data on “Smart 2nd Street”

BlueCats is excited to announce it has joined efforts with Connecthings and RATP Dev in a partnership with AustinCityUP to provide integrated mobile communications, data management and SDK integration of partner apps within an open beacon network as part of the Smart 2nd Street Project. Our beacons will be installed at locations along the 2nd Street corridor that will provide citizens and visitors with browser-based push notifications about bus schedules, delays, route changes, events, activities, alerts, news and information from other ACUP partners. BlueCats was selected as the beacon partner because we allow the beacon to be configurable for many protocols at once - iBeacon, the entire Eddystone family, sensor measurements, and encrypted payloads. This means Connecthings can confidently reach city-goers by all mechanisms available, and the ecosystem can be adapted and expanded to support all means of civic IOT projects. Additionally, our AA Beacons will be used for the project...

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Launch of BlueCats NOW at the NRA exhibition Chicago

BlueCats launch an innovative product for the Hospitality Sector

Launch of BlueCats NOW at the NRA exhibition Chicago. BOOTH 5859 BlueCats latest innovation for hospitality is designed to eliminate staff wandering a venue when delivering food or drinks. The BlueCats “NOW” Guest Positioning Solution (GPS) is based on a “Smart Table Flag” which uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to locate a guest, so food and drinks can be delivered fast and fresh! The benefit and attraction for hospitality vendors are BLE’s ubiquitous nature, that allows for other technologies to interact within a single platform. For example, all smartphones can hear BLE signals, so the BlueCats “NOW” solution can give granular context to an app to enable “Order at the Table” and even “Pay at the table”. For the back of house, the addition of BLE sensors to monitor temperature, air quality and movement, opens further opportunities for automation and monitoring of activities with the same single platform. WHAT IS BLUECATS "NOW" ? Searching for guests...

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Enterprise IoT Summit 2017

At the recent (28-29 March 2017) Enterprise IoT summit in Austin, Texas, the BlueCats Team hosted a booth demonstrating our core Bluetooth Low Energy technology and beacons. We demonstrated: the ability for customers to use our beacons to transmit sensor data and state over the air using very low power at great distances; the ability to track assets and people using our new Edge Relay (https://www.bluecats.com/edge-relay), as well as triggering events based on whether assets/personnel are on or off site; our new site entry and exit solution for construction clients; and how simple it is to use our edge relay to transmit local sensor data from hundreds of BLE enabled sensors to your cloud or on site infrastructure. Our CEO Nathan Dunn also joined the Smart Cities panel to discuss how BLE plays a part in the future of sensor networks, citizen services, and platform extensibility. Missed our information regarding the capabilities of...

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Edge Relay Introduction

Edge Relay Introduction In early March of 2017 we released an incredibly innovative product called BlueCats Edge Relay, the response was immediate, and humbling. Since that time we have been fielding unprecedented interest from companies that want to understand more about how Edge Relay is going to help them better utilise existing Beacon networks, but more excitingly, from companies wanting to build new and innovative products with Bluetooth as the core foundation. The Origin of Edge Relay At BlueCats we have been developing world class Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) solutions since 2012, before iBeacon was coined. We know the strength of BLE, especially when it comes to Beacons in proximity and retail environments. However, there were constraints that we’re limiting Beacons true potential - Simply put, the constraints of iOS and Android meant we were playing the game by someone else's rules. We knew BLE had a lot more to offer, but we needed...

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Beacon Insights Dashboard

Let me pose a variation on an old, but useful philosophical question. If a beacon transmits its signal into the surrounding space, but there is nothing around to hear it, does the beacon really exist at all? This may be contrived but actually highlights both a real world challenge in managing a beacon deployment and at the same time presents a great opportunity to gather decisive insights about when a smartphone enters specific locations that you care about. What are beacon visits and insights? Beacons are one-way transmitting devices, unaware of their surroundings. However when you pair them with a smart device you now have the opportunity to both monitor the state of your beacons (proving that they do in fact exist!) and at the same time use your knowledge of a beacon’s installed location (configured with rich meta-data in the BlueCats platform) to determine which devices have visited a location and when....

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