BlueCats announces support for Eddystone Ephemeral Identifiers

BlueCats announces support for Eddystone Ephemeral Identifiers

New open BLE beacon format from Google enhances security for BlueCats beacons and platform

BlueCats, a spatial intelligence platform that bridges the physical and digital divide to reveal untapped business opportunities, today announced backwards compatible support for Eddystone™, an open beacon format that supports Android and iOS devices. Working in collaboration with Google, BlueCats beacons and services will also take full advantage of the new privacy and security that Eddystone Ephemeral Identifiers (EIDs) provide.

Eddystone-EIDs are designed for scenarios where businesses that deploy beacons want to manage access to the beacon signal for privacy- and security-sensitive applications. By now offering BlueCats customers beacons with support for Eddystone-EID, users can manage access to their beacons for use cases where security is paramount.

“For years, BlueCats has been singularly focused on enabling our enterprise clients to scale BLE Proximity networks securely, facilitating collaboration between forward-thinking companies so they can realize incredible mobile experiences for their users across these networks,”

said Kurt Nehrenz, Vice President of Technology at BlueCats.

“The addition of support for Eddystone-EID to the BlueCats platform means that companies have more opportunities for creativity than ever before – without concerns for security – with a lower barrier to entry in order to see results now, and greater flexibility in the future.”

Eddystone-EID uses rotating ephemeral identifiers to broadcast a more secure beacon signal, which helps prevent spoofing, malicious asset tracking, replay attacks, or any unpermitted access. Imagine a customer pushing their regular breakfast order to the kitchen as they approach their local café, pay for it with frequent flyer points via their preferred banking app, and access premium streaming content while they sit and enjoy the start to the day. Customers, merchants, banks, loyalty and content providers all benefit, and agree to collaborate to exchange information and items of tangible value because everyone trusts that the location is valid.

Alternately, imagine a hospital patient wearing a beacon. With proper consent and opt-in, their location can be securely monitored from room to room within the facility, pressing a button on the beacon can signal distress, and an accelerometer can be used for fall detection. Facilities’ concerns about wandering patients are alleviated, and response time to an incident can be drastically reduced.

These examples of seamless experiences involve organizations with sensitive data and systems that require absolute assurance of network security and stability, a consistent experience across all platforms, and the network flexibility to operate effectively within an ecosphere of existing systems.

BlueCats is now taking pre-orders for its new beacons, shipping in May, with full support for Eddystone-EID. The addition of Eddystone-EID support enables customers to securely control access to their information while the beacon prevents against potential attacks by malicious external parties. All BlueCats beacons will continue to offer backwards compatible support for Eddystone-EID.

To pre-order your Eddystone-EID compatible beacons and put BlueCats to work for you, please visit https://www.bluecats.com/

About BlueCats

BlueCats is a spatial intelligence platform. We bridge the physical and digital divide to reveal untapped business opportunities.

Using the world’s most advanced beacons and our innovative software, we make sense of the dynamics within physical spaces to help anyone optimize their business from operations to sales and marketing.

Put BlueCats to work at https://www.bluecats.com/.

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