We are in London for Restaurant Tech Live!

We are in London for Restaurant Tech Live!

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BlueCats’ innovative NOW solution is changing the table delivery game.

Searching for guests when delivering food can be frustrating and result in a poor guest experience if meals are not delivered fast and fresh. The BlueCats `NOW` Guest Positioning Solution (GPS) takes all of the guess work and streamlines the efficiency of your staff.

Using bleeding edge technologies including Bluetooth and Ultra-Wideband, a guests real time location is displayed on the floor plan, even if they are moving at the time.

When placing at order at the POS or Kiosk, guests are handed a Smart Locator and are free to wander your venue and find their preferred seating or standing location. If guests prefer to order (or pre-order) via an App, their arrival and location is also tracked via our Bluetooth technologies.

When the order is ready, staff can simply view the guests location and current status from the venue floor plan, or a list, displayed on any device with a web browser. With POS integration, Staff can also view the contents of the order, ensuring that all items are collected and delivered together.

Choose from 4 technologies
Mobile App – Locate a guest who has ordered from your App!
Zonal – Locate a guest within a designated zone
Micro-Zonal – Locate a guest to within +/- 2 meters.
Precise – Using our Ultra Wide-Band technology, find a guests location within an inch!

Crucial analytical data, such as average customer experience, meal preparation times, meal delivery times and overall service times; helps restaurateurs manage staff and customer expectations.

Swing by our booth to see this and other innovative Bluetooth enabled solutions to improve the efficiency of your venue – both front and back of house.

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“We are super proud to be a leader in positioning technology, and have called upon decades of combined experience in hospitality to produce this product, that we think (and our clients and users too) is amazing. There is nothing as advanced, intuitive and cost efficient as BlueCats NOW ”

Daniel Rhodes – VP Hospitality Technologies

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