BlueCats launch an innovative product for the Hospitality Sector

BlueCats launch an innovative product for the Hospitality Sector

Launch of BlueCats NOW at the NRA exhibition Chicago.

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BlueCats latest innovation for hospitality is designed to eliminate staff wandering a venue when delivering food or drinks. The BlueCats “NOW” Guest Positioning Solution (GPS) is based on a “Smart Table Flag” which uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to locate a guest, so food and drinks can be delivered fast and fresh!

The benefit and attraction for hospitality vendors are BLE’s ubiquitous nature, that allows for other technologies to interact within a single platform. For example, all smartphones can hear BLE signals, so the BlueCats “NOW” solution can give granular context to an app to enable “Order at the Table” and even “Pay at the table”. For the back of house, the addition of BLE sensors to monitor temperature, air quality and movement, opens further opportunities for automation and monitoring of activities with the same single platform.


Searching for guests when delivering food can be frustrating and result in a poor guest experience if meals are not delivered fast and fresh. The BlueCats “Now” Guest Positioning Solution (GPS) takes all of the guesswork out of the location of guests within your venue and streamlines the efficiency of your staff.

How does it work?

ORDER Hand your guest a Smart Table Flag when they order

RELAX Guests can wander the venue and find the preferred seating/standing location

LOCATE Staff view the Location of the guest on any web browser based device

DELIVER Food and Drinks are delivered fast and fresh.

Choose from three technologies

  1. Zonal – Locate a guest within a few meters of where they are seated or standing
  2. Table Level – Locate a guest by Table Number
  3. Precise – Using our Ultra Wide-Band technology, find a guests location within an inch!

About BlueCats

BlueCats are an innovative technology company creating technology solutions for Hospitality, Retail, Construction and Logistics. Headquartered in Sydney Australia since 2012 and with offices in Austin Texas and London England, BlueCats is focused on leading the market with best in class technology, support and innovation.

www.bluecats.com hospitality@bluecats.com

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