The construction industry is booming and so is the technology available to construction companies and contractors to help improve processes and keep workers safe. Our location platform, Loop, is changing the game when it comes to productivity and safety on construction sites.

By using Loop, our customers gain full visibility into their workspaces by having real-time location information about their employees, equipment, vehicles, and building materials.

Our location platform allows you to know in real time who and what is on the job site, where those people or things are working/located and the conditions surrounding them, which allows our customers to make smarter decisions, and in turn, create more efficient worksites.

Ingress/Egress and Access Control

For many of our customers, automating ingress/egress and access control of personnel and vehicles is a vital part of operations. With current workflows, it’s hard to track who is on the worksite or if workers are in restricted areas, but with our Chokepoint Monitoring applications, we allow our customers to automate the process of ingress/egress, eliminating the number of man-hours needed for monitoring ingress/egress, which has traditionally been done using human capital. Furthermore, due the the ease of installation and modern technology, our solutions decrease the cost of infrastructure compared to the outdated monitoring systems and save time and money on installation.

Equipment and Yard Management

Poor equipment management not only hinders productivity, but it also can result in equipment rental charges or additional costs for equipment that isn’t used. With Loop, we allow customers to know when assets and equipment are on the worksite and what the utilization of those items is to help control costs.

In addition to knowing if equipment is being utilised, Loop also seamlessly directs workers to the exact location of materials, equipment, vehicles, or workforce locations, eliminating unnecessary time spent searching.

Managers can easily ask Loop where their assets are. Using simple commands, Loop will respond to text messages with the last time and location of the asset or employee. For example, if you send Loop a message that read, “Hey Loop, where is Cody?”, Loop will query the archived database and provide you with a text response of Cody’s last known location.

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