The construction industry is booming, and so is the technology available to companies and contractors to improve processes and help keep workers safe.

Our location software platform Loop is changing the game when it comes to productivity and safety on construction sites. Loop enables our clients to gain full visibility into their workspaces by displaying real-time location information about workers, equipment, vehicles, and building materials.

Loop provides Digital Awareness, so you have complete visibility of who and what is on your job sites, where they are, even ambient conditions like temperature and humidity, all in real-time. And that information can help you make smarter decisions and create more efficient operations for your company.

Ingress/Egress & Access Control
Maintaining Ingress/Egress and Access Control is a vital part of operations, yet traditional monitoring is a very labor-intensive manual process. The sheer size and complexity of your operations can also make it hard to track exactly who’s on the worksite or if workers have entered restricted areas.

Ingress/egress processes can be automated using our chokepoint monitoring applications. (They’re fast and easy to install and may well reduce your infrastructure costs.) Access control processes can be automated, too, allowing you to easily manage who enters or exits a restricted area, as well as notifying you if unauthorized workers try to gain access.

For example, Loop is programmed to automatically open the door to a restricted area for Bob. However, if John is with Bob (and John is not allowed in the restricted area), then Loop can immediately send a message to alert John’s manager.

Equipment and Yard Management
Poor equipment management not only hinders productivity but can also result in unnecessary costs for rentals or equipment that isn’t used. Loop lets you know when assets and equipment are on the worksite, as well as how – and how much – they are being used.

Loop also shows you the exact location of materials, equipment, vehicles, and/or workers, right here, right now. No more wasting time on long, inefficient searches, now that you’ve got Loop.

Just ask where your assets or workers are. Loop responds to simple commands with text messages, showing their last known location and when it was recorded. For example, if you message “Hey Loop, where is Cody?” Loop queries the database and texts you back with fast, accurate information.

Safety Concerns
Loop is also helping our clients address worksite safety:

· Loop has the ability to send an alert if workers, equipment, and vehicles are approaching potentially dangerous areas, based upon your predefined rules.

· Loop can monitor time spent in hazardous conditions, too, notifying you and your workers when they have reached their exposure limits.

· During an emergency, you can quickly find and communicate with workers, as well as locating assets and equipment to be secured and protected. Loop really shines as an essential member of your team when minutes and seconds count.

Can Loop help improve conditions on your construction site? Contact us today!