No equipment on tables
Track the guest, not the table
POS integrations
Simple to use touch interface

No more guesswork

Ensure your meals are delivered fast and fresh.

Know the location of your customers at any time in your venue, whether indoors or outdoors. Save time locating guests and save money by reducing complimentary meals.


Customisable table flags

We are experts in hospitality technology and work closely with hospitality venues to create the right solution for their needs. We understand that every venue is different, and create bespoke solutions that achieve the right outcomes.

Customer experience

Don’t take our word for it

How it works


Install a reader network and local server

Active tags broadcast and located

Our reader network collects the tag signals and determines the location in real time

Last known location displayed

Input the table flag number into the touch screen and the last known location of the table flag is displayed


We are here to make your life simple, which means we integrate with your POS systems.

We can learn from your data to make sure all meals are delivered efficiently and in a timely manner.

Integrate with existing systems

With RESTful APIs and direct customer support, BlueCats offers seamless and direct integrations with existing systems deployed on-site. Create, log and push the data you need to automate and simplify your life.

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