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Welcome to your BlueCats Tracking user manual!

This manual was designed to introduce you to the powerful tracking potential of BlueCats Tags, combined with our Loop Mobile and Loop Cloud software. 

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The solutions described in this manual will allow you to track assets around any area equipped with BlueCats ProxPoint readers. To begin tracking, you’ll use the Loop Mobile application to pair your Tags with your assets. The Loop Cloud dashboard will allow you to track your asset as it is moved throughout your site, as well as determine if an asset is on or offsite. If onsite, Loop Cloud will specify in which area of the facility the asset is located.


BlueCats ProxPoints must be installed in areas where assets will be tracked. These devices transmit Tag location data to our Loop Cloud software where the user can access it.

ProxPoints create coverage areas wherever they are installed. Within Loop Cloud, you can then create a geofence within our Maps called a Place, corresponding to the physical installation location of the ProxPoint. That Place can be referred to as a Site or Zone depending on the needs of the user. For a single Place, you’ll use a Site. For adding Places within a Place, such as a parking lot within a work site, you’ll use Sites and Zones (Zones will be any Place within a Site).

Assets are fitted with Bluetooth emitting Tags that communicate with the ProxPoint. Tags that are heard by ProxPoints are reported as being onsite and can also be designated to a zone that they are located in. When tagged assets cannot be picked up by the ProxPoints, they will be shown as offsite.

When zones are created within each Site, Loop Cloud will report when assets enter or leave them. The number of zones that can be created depends on the solution that is employed. Our Zonal Tracking solution requires a ProxPoint to be installed in each Zone that is created. This can be deployed indoors or outdoors. Our GNSS Tracking solution is outdoor specific and provides a higher level of tracking granularity than Zonal Tracking. It allows the user to create as many outdoor zones as needed without requiring a ProxPoint in each location. When GNSS Tags are moved indoors, they will behave like an asset Tag in the Zonal tracking solution.
Moreover, BlueCats GNSS tags allow the user to find an asset within a few meters of it’s true location when it is within range of a ProxPoint. The Asset can be reported to be within a zone or nearby the closest zone.


The BlueCats GNSS Asset Tracking solution is designed to locate assets within large controlled areas such as parking lots, lay down yards, construction sites, and mining facilities.

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BlueCats’ Outdoor Zonal Tracking solution is the best option for determining the general location of an asset. With this solution, the worksite is divided into zones in Loop Cloud. Any tagged asset within that zone will report its location to either a BlueCats ProxPoint reader or mobile device running BlueCat’s Loop Mobile app. 

The ProxPoint hardware is installed within the perimeter of the zone and can process and forward the locations of thousands of tags near instantaneously. The radius of coverage can be altered to fit zones of any size, from a single room up to 28 acres with clear line-of-sight.. Loop Cloud enables you to view this data and visualise where each asset or person is located across all of your zones.

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