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Assets is where the list of items you wish to track is kept. Asset type, description, and status can all be accessed from here. You can also add new assets to track simply by clicking +Add New and filling out a short entry form.


How to Create an Asset

  1. Select +Add New to create a new asset
  2. Fill in the Name*, Identifier*, and Type.
  3. Select Active (marker is blue).
  4. Select Create Asset to finish.

*Required fields


Name (Required): Name of the asset (e.g. “Storage Rack 7a”).

Identifier (Required): Unique identifier for this specific asset. This must be unique from other assets.

Type: User-created type of asset. (e.g. “Door,” “Car,” “Cart”). These are custom fields that can be used to further sort or refine searches in Maps. 

Comments: Any helpful notes about the Asset you may wish to include.

Active (Required): If true, this asset will show up in report logs and summaries. 


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