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Maps displays the locations of all Assets and People that are within the Organization.

View will default to the Global View which will encompass all Sites and their respective Zones.

If you select a Site or Zone, the map will zoom to that Site and show its Sub-zones.

You can select ‘Global view’ or ‘Site view’  above the list of sites on the left side of the screen to return to the highest level of view.

‘Find an asset’ – This search box can be used to type into and find a specific asset.

Filters in Map View

  1. Location Status:

    1. Seen: Displays objects seen by a ProxPoint within the selected time period.

    2. Moved: Displays objects that have moved from one location to another within the selected time period.

    3. Not Moved: Displays objects that have stayed within a single location within the selected time period.

    4. Lost: Displays objects that have not been seen by a ProxPoint within the selected time period.

  2. Time Period: Amount of time over which to perform the selected status query.
  3. Tracking Status:
    1. All status: Show all active and inactive objects.

    2. Active only: Show only active objects.

    3. Inactive only: Show only inactive objects.

Shown Assets/Devices/Persons: If the box is checked for any of these fields, they will be shown in the results of the search for the selected Site/Zone.

Looking at Specific Assets in Map View


When a Site/Zone is selected, all the selected assets will be displayed, as shown above. If you select a specific asset, the map view will zoom to that asset and give you more information about the asset, as seen to the right.

Selected Asset and Information

Map Callout and Information