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Title [Name]: Name of the Site/Zone.

Description [Identifier]: Unique identifier for this specific Site/Zone. This must be unique from other locations. 

Type: Site or Zone. Zones are locations within Sites or higher-level Zones. 

Zone Specific: Parent Place: This will display the Site/Zone of which the zone is a part.

How to Create a Place


Select +Add New to create a place.

Fill in Name* and Identifier* (*Required). Move to next step by selecting Next.

Now you can add a latitude and longitude to this Place – or add a perimeter to the Place – by selecting the ‘+’ in their respective sections (shown to the right).

If your location does not need coordinates, you can select Save to finish creating your Place.

When creating a perimeter, you can click around the map to add boundary points. Clicking on the first point you created will complete the perimeter. This will close the perimeter and display its coordinates.

If you select these points, it will allow you to tweak the positions of any of the points and add in new points if needed.

You can finish creating the Place by selecting Next.

Additional Steps when Creating a Zone

A Parent Location must be selected when creating a Zone. This will ensure the Zone is created properly under the correct Place.

  1. Fill in the Name* and Identifier* (if not already populated).
  2. In the Select type field, select the type of the Place: Site or Zone.
  3. In the Select object field, search for and select your Place when it’s displayed.

Once this Parent Location is set, select Next to move onto the Map section.

To continue, click here for information on Maps.