Activity and settings

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From the main menu, the next option is Activity. The Activity screen allows you to forward Tag information to Loop Cloud and displays a log for all Tags in your Team (a group of Tags).

Note: New Teams can be created for you by BlueCats support staff to manage different groups of Tags if needed.

scan and forward

Unless you have another BlueCats device that will be sending information to Loop Cloud, be sure to enable scanning and forwarding by ensuring the Scan & Forward slider is aligned to the right.

If you are within range of a ProxPoint, this setting can be deactivated.

Note: Loop Mobile communicates with Loop Cloud once per minute.



The Log reports the last time the tagged assets in your Team forwarded information to Loop Cloud.


The final option in the main menu is Settings. This screen displays the current Team you are in and allows you to select between Teams (if you are part of more than one).

From Settings, you can also:

  • choose to use your mobile device’s front camera (by default the app uses the back camera).
  • disable peripheral detection (enabled by default).
  • log out of the app.

The screen also displays the version of the app you have installed (for example, “v2.0.8-1028” in the screenshot).