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This process allows you to create an association between a Tag and any item you wish to track. For example, when a Tag is associated with a vehicle, Loop Mobile and Loop Cloud will report the vehicle’s position based on the associated Tag.

From the main menu, tap Assign tag to asset to begin association. You will see a “Scan” screen with three options to choose from:

Scan to Add

The default option for assigning a Tag to an asset is Scan To Add. This works by first scanning the QR code on the top of a Tag, then scanning the barcode of the asset you wish to associate with the Tag.

Note: You can scan either the Tag or the asset barcode first. If you scan the Asset first, then the application will recognize that and then ask you to scan a Tag. If your assets do not have a barcode, you can manually associate them with Tags using the instructions in the “Add Manually” section below.

scan the tag
  1. Tap Scan To Add (if not already selected).
  2. Scan the QR code on the top of the Tag.

Note: You may get a screen that says “Tag not detected” if the Tag is not turned on or not in range of the mobile device you are using. If this happens, please ensure the magnet has been removed from the Tag, then move your mobile device closer to the Tag and scan again.

scan an asset

After you scan the Tag, the Scan an Asset screen will launch.

  1. Scan the barcode code on Asset and it will automatically associate the Asset with the Tag.

If the asset has no scannable barcode then you can add its details manually using the instructions below.

manually associate the tag with the asset

If the asset has no scannable barcode then you can add its details manually.

  1. On the “Scan an asset” screen, tap Add Manually.
  2. On the “Details” screen, enter the asset information then tap the Create Asset button.
confirm association
  1. On the “Confirm Association” screen, tap the Create Association button. When the pairing is complete, a confirmation screen will display (see below screenshot).

  2. Tap the Done button to end the association process, or tap Assign Another to begin associating a new Tag and asset.

Find Existing

From the “Scan” screen, tap Find Existing to look up information about a previously entered Tag or asset. Tapping the asset will display its position on a map.

Add Manually

You can manually enter the Tag’s MAC address instead of scanning the Tag’s barcode:

  1. From the “Scan” screen, tap Add Manually.
  2. On the “Details” screen, enter your Tag’s MAC address (found below the QR code on the top of the Tag).
  3. Tap the Use This Tag button.
  4. Follow the Scan an Asset instructions.

Enter a Tag’s MAC address manually with Loop Mobile.


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