remove tag from asset (disassociation)

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From the main menu, the next option is Remove tag from asset. This disassociation process deletes an existing association between a Tag and an asset. 

This is useful if you do not plan to use a Tag for some period of time, and do not wish to see the location of the asset that was previously associated with the Tag.

  1. Scan to Add
    As in the association workflow, you can scan a Tag or asset barcode to bring up the item details, including current associations.

  2. Find Existing
    Alternatively, you can type in information about a Tag or asset to bring up the details about that item. Once the details have been found, they display on the screen.

To Disassociate

  1. Select the Tag or asset you wish to disassociate from the “Find tag/asset” screen (see below screenshot). The “Disassociation” screen will display. 
  2. Tap the Unlink Tag from Asset button. Once the asset has been removed from the Tag, the “Disassociation complete” message will display.
  3. Tap the Done button to end the disassociation process.

To continue, click here for information on Activity and Settings.