BC2500 Asset Tag – Preparation

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GPS-accurate, real-time tracking for your largest worksites

The BC2500 Tag is a rugged device designed to locate assets within large controlled sites. The Tag solves its own location via GNSS and broadcasts the coordinates via Bluetooth Low Energy (LE). The BC2500 Tag delivers high levels of accuracy (2.5 meters CEP) with a battery life of up to 10 years.


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To prepare your BC2500 Tags for association:

  1. Open the box and remove the Tags from their packaging materials.
  2. To activate a Tag, remove the white adhesive label on the side of the Tag that says REMOVE BEFORE USE, along with the small magnet underneath it, and discard them. 
  3. When the magnet is removed, the Tag automatically activates.

Note: This is a one-time action, and replacing the magnet will not deactivate the Tag.

Please proceed to Outdoor Tracking – Loop Mobile when you’re ready to associate your BC2500 tags to your assets.