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Live social distancing alerts & historic contact tracing reports

  • 30+ days battery
  • IP66 rated
  • High accuracy dual-band:
    Bluetooth LE & Ultra-Wideband (UWB)
  • 100% Made in USA


Table of Contents

How It Works

Contact tracing on worksite.

How they work:

  1. SafetyTags associated to individual workers eliminates the need for personal data or mobile phones
  2. Distance breaches trigger audible Live Alerts and generate Contact Events
  3. Contact Events streamed directly to ProxPoints™ (up to 100m) and available in real-time data via Loop Cloud
  4. 30 days – 6 months of use between each charge depending on configuration
  5. Store up to 10 devices at each SafetyTag Charging Station


Diagram Guide

Get started with this “cheat sheet” to:

  1. Charge your SafetyTags
  2. Associate people with SafetyTags
  3. View contact tracing reporting
Diagram Guide
User guide

Complete documentation in one place:

  1. Installation and setup
  2. SafetyTag features and functionality
  3. Report management
User Guide

Loop Cloud Resources

One of the most important components of your CTS solution is Loop Cloud. Loop Cloud allows you to manage your BlueCats asset, personnel, and sensor tags, and provides a variety of reporting tools that empower you to review and export CTS-related data.

Below you will find links to guides that can help you get the most out of your CTS Solution.


Loop Cloud – System Health Dashboard

Loop Cloud Import Feature – Persons and Tags


Loop Cloud Export Guides