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For product documentation and complete setup instructions, please see the Contact Tracing Solution User Guide.



How durable is the SafetyTag?

The SafetyTag is rated IP66: dustproof and water-resistant (not rated for immersion).

How do weather conditions affect SafetyTag performance?

Heavy fog, mist, light rain, or snow may moderately degrade performance. Heavy rain or snow may create false contact timeouts, but a higher entry/exit hysteresis can reduce the effect. In harsh conditions, cumulative duration in contact may be a more useful metric.

Battery Life

How long does the SafetyTag take to charge?

When completely discharged, the SafetyTag takes up to six hours to reach full charge. The SafetyTag expected battery life is up to 30 days, depending on conditions such as tag density and offload rate.

Using the built-in accelerometer, SafetyTags enter a battery-saving “sleep mode” when stationary.

Note: SafetyTags are shipped at a 30% charge and must be fully charged before deployment.

Can I charge a SafetyTag from home?

Yes, our compact single-unit Charging Station fits one SafetyTag. To charge multiple SafetyTags at once, use the 10-unit Charging Station.


How are SafetyTags associated with each person?

There are two ways to associate SafetyTags, depending on your worksite’s deployment:

  1. Touch-free: using a Registration Kiosk, an employee scans their personnel badge and a SafetyTag to create an association.

  2. Manual entry: the employee manually registers for a SafetyTag via our Loop Mobile app on a phone or tablet.

Note: For more information about SafetyTag association and complete setup instructions, please see the Contact Tracing Solution User Guide.

Does the SafetyTag have a mute button to silence alerts?

Silence alerts by pressing the button on the front of the SafetyTag.

Nearby and Contact Events

What distance between SafetyTags registers an event?

The distance required to trigger either a Nearby Event or Contact Event is fully configurable. Typically, a distance of 3 meters is used for Nearby Events, and 1.5 meters or 6 feet (1.83 meters) is used for Contact Events, depending on regional definitions of “Close Contact.”

How long does it take a Contact Event to register?

The time it takes for a Contact Event to register is configurable: you may find it preferable for events not to trigger in passing, such as walking by another tag-wearer in the hallway. Others want any contact recorded. Both situations can be accommodated with a settings update.

If there are multiple events between the same SafetyTags, Loop Cloud 2 will display all individual events, as well as the total time spent in range.

How accurate is the recorded data? Does the SafetyTag track to the nearest minute or second?

Time is stamped to the second. The start and end times are recorded for all events.

How many events can be stored on a SafetyTag before they are sent to Loop Cloud?

Each SafetyTag can record and store up to 100,000 events.


What are the ProxPoint's power requirements?

The ProxPoint is line-powered via a provided wall power supply, similar to a laptop charger. Alternatively, ProxPoint can be powered via solar power.

What are the ProxPoint's networking requirements?

The ProxPoint can connect to the internet over LTE, Ethernet, or Wi-Fi depending on your preference. The default network connectivity is over LTE in order to make it as “plug-and-play” as possible, but the settings can be changed to connect over Wi-Fi or wired Ethernet.

What happens if the ProxPoint's network connection is lost?

If network connectivity is lost, the ProxPoint will automatically attempt to reconnect to the network. All events are stored on the ProxPoint until a successful connection is made, so there is no risk of losing stored events.

What is the ProxPoint's maximum range?

The maximum recommended coverage range is 100 meters. For indoor areas with barriers and walls, you may require more ProxPoints. 

As long as SafetyTags are within range of a ProxPoint, stored events will offload to Loop Cloud 2.

How durable is the ProxPoint?

The ProxPoint is housed in NEMA electrical enclosures for outdoor deployment.


Can BlueCats help with deployment and training?

Absolutely. We recommend contracting the BlueCats Solutions Deployment Team for 10 days to ensure the onboarding process and training are completed to your satisfaction.

Does any of the hardware need calibration?

No. Our solution is “plug-and-play,” unless any custom settings are required.

How are the firmware and software updated?

Firmware and software are updated as required via OTA (over-the-air) updates.