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Loop Cloud

BlueCats Loop Cloud is a flexible, cloud-hosted location service that sources data from our industrial solutions. All location and sensor data collected by the readers is sent to the server and processed by our Event and Rule Processors. The data is then translated from a tag into a person, asset, or whatever object makes sense for you. 

With custom object rules or schemas, it’s no longer tracking tags but information that matters to you, such as:

  • How long a worker was in a place
  • Exact GPS location of an asset
  • When a vehicle enters a worksite
  • Custom information for your workflow

Indoor Tracking

BlueCats indoor tracking solutions bring complete digital awareness® to your worksites, warehouses, and industrial environments.

Get as granular as you need with Bluetooth LE and Ultra-Wideband (UWB) technologies, from identifying your assets’ zonal location (up to three meters) all the way to real-time, live locations with centimeter-level precision.

Ready to implement COVID-19 contact tracing? Our UWB Grid solution offers real-time personnel tracking data with unrivalled accuracy and proximity awareness. Current and historical data are always available to you via BlueCats Loop software.

Outdoor Tracking

Bring digital awareness® to your worksite with a tailored outdoor tracking solution from BlueCats.

With Bluetooth LE technology, any tagged personnel or assets are identified and tracked with up to GPS-level accuracy in your specified work zones. 

Using BlueCats Loop software, you can search, find, and visualise the tag data to understand how personnel and assets move through your worksite. In the cloud-based Loop engine, your data is always accessible on your devices, wherever you are.

With scalable implementations featuring best-in-class tracking technologies, BlueCats is ready to meet the unique needs of your site, lot, or venue.