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Indoor Zonal and Grid tracking

Complete digital awareness® to your worksites, warehouses, and industrial environments.

Our indoor tracking solution empowers you to get as granular as you need with Bluetooth LE and Ultra-Wideband (UWB) technologies, from identifying your assets’ zonal location (up to 28 acres) all the way to real-time, live locations with centimeter-level precision.

Our solutions offer real-time personnel tracking data with unrivaled accuracy and proximity awareness. Current and historical data are always available via BlueCats Loop software.


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How It Works

Our GNSS Tracking Solution uses BC2500 Tags that receive and forward their GNSS location coordinates from satellites to nearby ProxPoints. The BC2500 is a rugged Tag that is ideal for tracking vehicles and equipment in large outdoor  areas. 

Loop Cloud will report GNSS coordinates and zonal location for all Tags that are within zones. If a Tag is located outside of a zone, but is still within range of a ProxPoint, Loop Cloud will report GNSS coordinates only. The Tag will also be visible on the map of the worksite in Loop Cloud. Multiple zones can be added to the worksite map without needing a ProxPoint in every zone.

In this example, the parking lot can be divided up into zones for further granularity to help show more specific locations. This can be used to quickly identify in which area of the lot the asset is.


Indoor zonal tracking
  1. Track assets and personnel as they move through work zones.
  2. Reduce downtime with our power-efficient BLE tags.
  3. Monitor up to 28 acres.
  4. Access real-time location data with Loop Cloud.
  5. Scale with ease using Zonal Tracking’s modular deployment.

Please visit our Indoor Zonal Tracking page to learn more.

indoor grid tracking: ble and uwb
  1. Track assets and personnel as they move through the site.
  2. Monitor zones that are entered by tagged objects.
  3. Save time and money by finding your personnel and assets quickly.
  4. Save money by storing large amounts of data locally.
  5. Maintain full data security with local storage.

Please visit our Indoor Grid Tracking page to learn more.

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