BlueCats offers multiple strategies for tracking outdoor assets and personnel.  By configuring BlueCats ProxPoint readers to “cover” a certain area, any object that has been equipped with an Asset Tag will be picked up, located, and searchable by employees onsite or remotely.  All information heard by the readers is sent to BlueCat’s proprietary Loop software for processing. Loop determines the zonal position of a tagged asset, and displays that position on the Loop user interface. It can also pass the position along to a third-party user interface via the Loop API.

How it Works

BlueCats’ Zonal Tracking solution is the best option for determining the general location of an asset. With this solution, the worksite is divided into zones in Loop Cloud. Any tagged asset within that zone will report its location to either a BlueCats ProxPoint reader or mobile device running BlueCat’s Loop Mobile app. 

The ProxPoint hardware is installed within the perimeter of the zone and can process and forward the locations of thousands of tags near instantaneously. The radius of coverage can be altered to fit zones of any size. Loop Cloud enables you to view this data and visualise where each asset or person is located across all of your zones.

Any asset or person with a tag can be located at the zonal level by a Proxpoint installed nearby. Loop Cloud software will generate asset location reports as well as keep historical records of zone entries and exits. Typically, assets are equipped with BC2510 Tags, while vehicles are equipped with BC2500 tags. Both Tag types communicate with ProxPoints via Bluetooth Low Energy.


Loop Cloud