BlueCats, an early pioneer of Bluetooth® Low Energy (Bluetooth® Low Energy) location solutions, has announced a merger with PLUS Location Systems, one of the original pioneers of Ultra-Wideband (UWB) technology. 

Plus Location Systems (located in Huntsville, Alabama) was spun out of original UWB innovator, Time Domain in 2011, bringing with it an impressive array of patents.


The unified entity will operate under the BlueCats brand and form an unparalleled portfolio of Real-Time Location System (RTLS) Software and Hardware Products that leverage decades of knowledge and experience, positioning the new entity as a location technology leader. 


Accompanying the merger announcement, BlueCats will also officially launch its new software platform branded “Loop” an extensible approach to RTLS powered by the most mature and tested location engine on the market today. The Loop platform (residing on-premise, cloud, or in combination) consists of a suite of location focused products and applications, all developed with an agnostic approach, enabling deep and shallow integrations into the majority of existing and future RTLS hardware, traditionally viewed as competitors to both BlueCats and PLUS.


“For many years, BlueCats and PLUS have worked in parallel, but on different technology trajectories.  The market has told us of the genuine need for an RTLS platform that is scalable and deployable today, with the inherent capability to evolve with current and future technology trends, such as Bluetooth® Low Energy 5.1 (AoA) and the mainstream emergence of UWB.  Loop is that platform.” said Nathan Dunn, co-founder, and CEO of BlueCats. 


“Solving dots on a map via proprietary technology doesn’t scale well and will never enable genuine widespread adoption.  Our approach with Loop is to provide a connect anything location platform allowing simultaneous RTLS inputs (Bluetooth® Low Energy / UWB / GPS etc) through to a singular visualization with API’s and connectors. This enables faster and simpler adoption across all market verticals.”


“UWB is going mainstream and will soon feature in our daily lives almost as much as Bluetooth® does,” said Cody Singleton, co-founder, and CTO of BlueCats.  “The merger of these two innovative teams, along with the extensive IP, represents a huge step forward in making RTLS usable and scalable. This perfectly positions BlueCats to deliver on our vision of providing digital awareness to every industry on the planet!”


About BlueCats


BlueCats (headquartered in Sydney, Australia with offices in Austin, Texas and Huntsville, Alabama) is the leading provider of RF-based location platforms, specializing in Bluetooth® low energy and ultra-wideband technologies. Our robust location solutions offer the only technology-agnostic cloud and on-premise location platform available. Visit for more information about BlueCats or the merger with PLUS Location Systems.