Sydney, Australia & Dublin, Ireland – BlueCats, a global pioneer in UWB and Bluetooth® Low Energy technologies and Decawave, a fabless semiconductor company specializing in precise location and connectivity applications announce a strategic partnership to create an RTLS that can truly scale.


The two companies are collaborating to develop a new generation of tracking solutions. BlueCats, who recently merged with Huntsville, Alabama based Plus Location Systems (originally spun out of Time Domain in 2011), is leveraging its vast IP and experience to overcome the traditional stumbling blocks of mass adoption of RTLS, namely installation, configuration, and ongoing management.


“As one of only a select few companies on the planet with more than 10 years experience with UWB, we are pumped to be collaborating directly with Decawave to solve the last hurdle for RTLS mass adoption,” said Nathan Dunn, co-founder and CEO of BlueCats.  “The benefits of micro-location tracking across a range of industries are well documented. What’s not so well documented is the mass adoption of said tracking, because most solutions, whilst capable of achieving a decent level of accuracy, and impressive proof of concepts, prove to be very difficult to scale,” Dunn said.  


“Decawave’s technology has disrupted the indoor location market, and is set to disrupt digital payments and other aspects of daily life,” said Ciaran Connell, CEO, and co-founder at Decawave. “As fellow pioneers of UWB, we are delighted to be working closely with BlueCats, to enable mass adoption of real-time location across every industry.”


“Our new tracking solution, set to launch in Q1 2020, has been designed from the ground up by experts with deployment and genuine scale in mind.  Decawave is on the verge of making UWB a mainstream technology and the DW1000 and soon to be released DW3000, will play a major role in our UWB solutions moving forward,” commented Dunn.


About Decawave
Decawave develops semiconductor solutions, software, modules and reference designs that enable real-time, ultra-accurate, ultra reliable local area micro-location services. Decawave is headquartered in Ireland, with regional headquarters in California and China and a presence in South Korea, France, and Japan. For more information, visit


About BlueCats 

BlueCats was founded in 2009 and exists to provide Digital Awareness to every business on the planet.  BlueCats core product is a technology agnostic location platform (called Loop) designed to make a range of technologies usable, including Bluetooth® Low Energy, RFID, GPS and of course UWB.  BlueCats has offices in the US (Austin – Texas, Huntsville – Alabama) and HQ in Sydney, Australia. For more info, check out