Outdoor Grid Tracking

The BlueCats Outdoor Grid Tracking solution helps you locate any tagged assets in your worksite to an approximate GPS level of accuracy (within five to ten meters).

BlueCats ProxPoint readers are positioned on site in a grid layout, providing complete coverage of your work zone. 

As your tagged assets move throughout the site, the ProxPoints and our Loop Cloud software use a proprietary combination of Bluetooth LE RSSI and reference-GPS points to determine accurate positions.

On the Loop Cloud software platform, you can search, identify, and visualise where your assets are located and moving within your work zones.

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How it works

The Outdoor Grid Asset Tracking solution features the BlueCats ProxPoint, our Bluetooth LE reader, which listens for any tag signals and provides the data to Loop Cloud.

  1. BlueCats ProxPoints are installed in a grid format on your worksite or laydown yard, up to 75 meters apart.
  2. In Loop Cloud, Bluetooth LE tags are assigned to assets.
  3. As tagged assets move around your site, nearby ProxPoints receive the Bluetooth LE signals and relay them to Loop for processing and visualisation.
  4. Loop Cloud’s algorithm utilizes proprietary Bluetooth LE RSSI and reference-GPS points to accurately identify each asset’s location. 
  5. Log in to Loop Cloud to view position and movement data that’s meaningful to your worksite.


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