ProxPoints process all tag signals in range, assessing the signal strength and applying algorithms to determine location and movement.

Using our Loop software, you can access all data received from the ProxPoints on your site.

Configurable radius coverage
The coverage area of each ProxPoint can be uniquely customised, based on your BlueCats solution and the needs of your worksite.

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How it works

BlueCats ProxPoint is a tag reader, which utilizes wireless technology and listens for any tag signals within its vicinity. It then provides the data to Loop Cloud.

  1. BlueCats ProxPoints are installed wherever reader coverage is desired, typically at a chokepoint, or in a grid format to provide full coverage for your worksite or laydown yard.
  2. BlueCats Tags are assigned to people, material, or assets.
  3. As Tags move around the site, nearby ProxPoints receive tag data and sends it to Loop for processing and visualisation.
  4. Log in to Loop Cloud to view position, movement, or contact data that’s meaningful to your worksite.


Loop Cloud



BC2510 Tag

BC2401 Tag