Access Monitoring

Access monitoring solutions from BlueCats offer tracking for personnel, assets, and vehicles, featuring Bluetooth LE and BlueCats Loop Cloud software.

FlowPoint facilitates unrestricted foot and vehicle traffic across your worksite, passively tracking time of attendance, direction, and entry/exit points. All data is sent to Loop Cloud, where you can view locations in real time.

Our industrial-grade reader, TapPoint, reads Bluetooth tags at close proximity. TapPoint allows for offline or online access control to trigger the opening of a gate, boom barrier, or turnstile.


Identify vehicles and personnel at speed as they cross defined worksite thresholds. Entries, exits, and direction of flow are automatically recorded for frictionless tracking.

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Allow site access and record proof of presence with just a tap using BlueCats TapPoint. Offline mode holds a list of allowed tags for reliable access control to your worksite.

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Loop Cloud

Loop Local