The BlueCats FlowPoint solution facilitates unrestricted movement within predefined zones on site. It accurately records the time of attendance and direction of flow for all tagged personnel and assets using tuned, directional antennas.

As a person or asset crosses the threshold, the signal is picked up by the antennas on either side, registering an entry or exit event. The information is then sent to Loop Cloud, where position records are updated in real time.

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With its rugged, IP-rated design and extensive battery life, the original Bluetooth tag is suitable for a wide range of applications. Use the BC313 to track any object that you need to locate (indoor or outdoor), such as work carts, tools, material assets, or anything else where location is important. Using two replaceable AA batteries, [...]

The BC2510, also called the Tough Tag, is an industrial-grade Bluetooth LE tag ideal for enabling asset tracking in harsh and demanding environments. This tag also features an accelerometer and temperature sensor. Powered by a replaceable CR2477 coin cell battery, the Tough Tag has an outstanding anticipated battery life of over five years. The BC2510 [...]

The BC2401 Tag is an ultra-slim, Bluetooth Low Energy tag that can be worn as an ID badge for personnel. Accelerometer logic allows automated low-power mode when stationary, which can increase battery life to over three years. Perfect for indoor personnel tracking, the BC2401 is also capable of integration with Access Control Systems (ACS) as [...]