Indoor Tracking

BlueCats indoor tracking solutions bring complete digital awareness® to your worksites, warehouses, and industrial environments.

Get as granular as you need with Bluetooth LE and Ultra-Wideband (UWB) technologies, from identifying your assets’ zonal location (up to three meters) all the way to real-time, live locations with centimeter-level precision.

Ready to implement COVID-19 contact tracing? Our UWB Grid solution offers real-time personnel tracking data with unrivalled accuracy and proximity awareness. Current and historical data are always available to you via BlueCats Loop software.

Indoor Zonal Tracking

A highly-scalable, efficient solution for locating personnel or assets in your defined work zones. Quickly identify zone locations for any tagged items or people on your site with our Loop software.

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Indoor Grid Tracking

Get visibility into your work zones. For mission-critical, precise location and proximity awareness, this solution is ready to track up to thousands of personnel and assets in real time.

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Loop Cloud

Loop Local


The BlueCats Synchronization Distribution Panel (SDP) provides power, timing synchronisation, and Ethernet connectivity to a network of BlueCats readers. The SDP includes eight reader ports. Each reader port can provide power for up to three connected BlueCats readers, supporting 24 readers in total. Each of the SDP’s reader ports connect to the network port internally, [...]

The BlueCats 4100 Ultra-Wideband (UWB) reader receives 7.3 GHz signals emitted by BC2111 and BC2112 Tags.  After receiving the signal, the BC4100 measures the time of arrival (ToA) and sends it to the Synchronization Distribution Panel (SDP). A tag’s precise location is calculated from the combined difference in time of arrivals (TDoA) from multiple readers.  [...]

The BC510 is a customisable Bluetooth 4.2 gateway that intelligently aggregates and relays data at the edge of the network. When used in conjunction with the BlueCats Loop Location Engine, it can be deployed at scale to determine the real-time location of Bluetooth LE tags. Leveraging the power of edge computing technology, the BC510 can [...]