Indoor Tracking

BlueCats indoor tracking solutions bring complete digital awareness® to your worksites, warehouses, and industrial environments.

Get as granular as you need with our solution, from identifying your assets’ zonal location (up to three meters) all the way to real-time, live locations with centimeter-level precision.

Ready to implement COVID-19 contact tracing? Our UWB Grid solution offers real-time personnel tracking data with unrivalled accuracy and proximity awareness. Current and historical data are always available to you via BlueCats Loop software.

Indoor Zonal Tracking

A highly-scalable, efficient solution for locating personnel or assets in your defined work zones. Quickly identify zone locations for any tagged items or people on your site with our Loop software.

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Indoor Grid Tracking

Get visibility into your work zones. For mission-critical, precise location and proximity awareness, this solution is ready to track up to thousands of personnel and assets in real time.

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Loop Cloud

Loop Local


BC2500 Tag