Indoor Zonal Tracking

BlueCats Indoor Zonal Tracking offers a scalable solution for a variety of indoor environments, from entertainment venues to industrial worksites. 

Tagged personnel and assets are tracked as they move near or into any designated work zone. This information is heard by readers in the zone, then processed and recorded in the Loop Cloud software platform.

Logged in to Loop Cloud, you can search and visualise where each asset or person is located across all of your zones. Loop Cloud also makes it easy to access reports of historical records for zone entries and exits.

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How it works

The Indoor Zonal Tracking solution features the BlueCats ProxPoint, which listens for any tag signals and provides the data to Loop Cloud for processing.

  1. Install BlueCats ProxPoints in areas of interest within your facility, as close as 10 meters apart and up to 150 meters apart.
  2. In Loop Cloud, assign tags to assets and personnel.
  3. As tags move near or within the defined zones, ProxPoints receive the signals and send them to Loop for calculation and visualisation.
  4. Log in to Loop Cloud to view live and historical zonal location data that’s meaningful to your worksite.


Loop Cloud