TapPoint is a purpose-built, industrial-grade Bluetooth LE Reader, capable of reading Bluetooth LE tags at close proximity (tap) for site access and proof of presence (PoP).

Each TapPoint works in a stand-alone mode. It can hold a whitelist to allow offline or online access control via Loop Cloud to trigger the opening of a gate, boom gate, or turnstile.

When used for PoP purposes, the TapPoint gives a visual assurance to the user that their PoP tap has been received and recorded.

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The BC2401 Tag is an ultra-slim, Bluetooth Low Energy tag that can be worn as an ID badge for personnel. Accelerometer logic allows automated low-power mode when stationary, which can increase battery life to over three years. Perfect for indoor personnel tracking, the BC2401 is also capable of integration with Access Control Systems (ACS) as [...]