Hospitality Temperature Monitoring

Introducing automated temperature monitoring with BlueCats BLE sensor technology

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Hand your guest a Smart Table Flag when they order


Guests can wander your venue finding their preferred seating / standing location


Staff view the Location of the guest on any web browser based device


Food and Drinks are delivered fast and fresh.

Real-time Sensing

Eliminate time-consuming, manual temperature monitoring of your sensitive food items and equipment with real-time temperature data and customized alerts using BLE sensor technology.


Gain real-time, reliable, consistent temperature information


Save valuable time by eliminating manual temperature checks


Get alerts via phone or tablet when temperature move outside of normal range


Receive accurate records and reports of operating temperatures for equipment

How it works

BlueCats BLE technology allows our customers to monitor the operating temperature of key equipment, inventory and food items within professional kitchens, including fridges, freezers, warmers, etc. BlueCats’ beacons are enhanced with a temperature sensor that broadcasts it’s temperature data to Bluecats’ Edge Relay(s) inside the venue.

Our platform captures this information, allowing you to monitor the data and send alerts based on predetermined operating temperature requirements to the venue manager.

Allow BlueCats to take the manual process out of your temperature monitoring.

A better monitoring solution awaits

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