BlueCats USB Beacon - Laptop BlueCats USB Beacon - Laptop
BlueCats USB Beacon - Wall charger BlueCats USB Beacon - Wall charger

USB Beacon


Supports iBeacon, BlueCats Secure and the following Eddystone frame types:

  • Eddystone – UID
  • Eddystone – URL
  • Eddystone – TLM

BlueCats USB does not support Eddystone EID.

For Eddystone EID & eTLM compatible beacons please see:

AA (BC-313) Beacon

Coin (BC-413) Beacon

Mixed mode support


No batteries required


Two way data transfer


AES 128 Encryption


Serial API support


Traditional beacon interactions are a one-way conversation. The Bluetooth beacon broadcasts an identifier or other static data advertisement and a mobile device listens. Any communcation between the mobile and the local system must happen out of band, over a network connection such as cellular or WIFI.

BlueCats Data Transfer allows dynamic advertisements to be triggered depending on custom business logic such as time of day or current promotions. The host device (POS, Digital Signage, Rasberry Pi) can determine what to broadcast and when. Not only can the advertisement data be controlled dynamically, but a mobile device can communicate back to the beacon (and its host device) enabling advanced use cases including:

  • Dynamic voucher generation
  • Ticketing systems
  • Dynamic information requests and device control e.g. request specific content on digital signage
  • Coupon redemption
  • Member number transfer and mobile check-in

All of this can happen over Bluetooth Low Energy without requiring a network connection on the client mobile device. So what do you need to get started? Get one of our Data Transfer enabled BlueCats USB Beacons or OEM Module and our Serial APIs to take your beacon implementation to the next level.

Tech Specs


Construction Plastic & Stainless Steel
Form Factor USB Dongle
Dimensions 18mm x 14mm x 6mm
Weight 1.42g
Power Source USB (5v min)
Battery Life
Recommended Operating Temperature -40°C to +85°C



Bluetooth Specification Bluetooth 4.0+
Frequency 2.402GHz to 2.480GHz
Transmit Power 0 dBm to -27 dBm
Receiver Sensitivity -93dBm
Antenna Integrated PCB



High RF Environment 20m
Low RF Environment 40m

Product Compliance

Certifications Bluetooth
FCC Part 15 Modular



Encrypted firmware updates
Encrypted settings updates
Protocol Options
Secure Ad ID
Eddystone Core (-UID, -URL, -TLM)
Eddystone EID
Eddystone GATT
Mix Protocol Advertising

USB Beacon Specsheet


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