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BlueCats provides real world context for mobile apps using:

Very clever beacons
A seamless SDK
Easy to use enterprise platform
Lightning fast, real time insights

BlueCats is Scalable & Flexible and is ready TODAY!

Seeing is believeing. Want to collaborate with the BlueCats team?

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The BlueCats Beacon

Real world check points for any smart ready device.

BlueCats Beacons have been designed with scalability in mind:

  • Versatile mounting plate – put them anywhere, forever or for a day!
  • Replaceable AA batteries – size does matter, but so does being able to replace the batteries!
  • Over the air remote management – did someone say scalable?
  • Proprietary encryption – no one is hijacking these beacons!

BlueCats Beacons are also iBeacon compatible.

Want some to try?


What can BlueCats be used for?

BlueCats makes micro location context possible on a macro scale.

  • enhance a mobile experience with location specific context
  • provide your app users with a more relevant experience
  • truly understand how app users interact with the real world

Instead of listing the potential (and obvious) use cases for beacons, we are working on real world examples, and we can't wait to tell you more. 

What do you want to use them for?


Our SDK for developers

Our SDK integrates effortlessly into existing apps or apps under construction.

Only a few minutes and a few lines of code stand between you and real world context for your app.

Our dedicated developer support team are available to help at any stage of your BlueCats discovery.



The BlueCats Enterprise Platform

BlueCats is much more than just a very clever beacon.

Our Enterprise Platform puts you in control no matter how large your network grows.

  • Remotely manage Beacon profiles one by one or by the hundreds
  • Automate alerts and audits of your entire BlueCats Beacon network

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Lightning Fast Real Time Insights

Immediate communication deserves immediate visibility:

  • Live Beacon interaction reports (customizable)
  • Traffic flow reports (Live & Audit)
  • Location Profile reports (explain the outliers)
  • BlueCats Event Markers (that sounds interesting, doesn't it!)

BlueCats data is easy to manage, easy to interpret and even easier to export and share.  We know you need to impress your boss with the numbers at some stage, so we make it easy!

BlueCats is more than just very clever beacons.

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Who is BlueCats?


Who is BlueCats?

Who is BlueCats?

BlueCats is the latest patent pending platform developed by the team at PLUS Location Systems LLC

PLUS is a world leading Real Time Location System provider with over 24 patents and decades of experience developing indoor location algorithms and hardware that are in use in many countries in multiple industries.

Having spent years perfecting retail data collection and ways of turning that data into usable insights, the opportunity to turn our experience towards smart devices via BLE has proved to be a natural extension. 

PLUS Location Systems has offices in:

  • Sydney, Australia
  • Huntsville, Alabama
  • Austin, Texas