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Efficiency and Compliance is Possible

OneTag eliminates paperwork, digitises process and consistently enforces policy, empowering people to get their best work done, safely.

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OneTag features

Digitisation enables efficiency, compliance and continuous improvement



OneTag can be configured to match policy requirements, personnel user roles based on authorisations and vessel or site specific information.


On premise, NO cloud

OneTag is a software system designed to operate locally, with no reliance on cloud connectivity.

This reduces cyber security concerns, increases reliability and allows for a frictionless transition from shore-based maintenance to at sea use.


Pre planning

OneTag allows pre development and planning of required isolation boundaries, significantly reducing the admin chaos at the start of maintenance.


Continuous improvement

OneTag digitises all information relevant to complex maintenance.  System level isolation boundary templates can be saved and used during the next maintenance activity, eliminating key man risk and knowledge silos.

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