OneTag® delivers digital awareness that enables confident decisions.

Complex capability comes with complex problems where time constraints influence poor decisions and poor process compliance or even avoidance. 

OneTag digitises the isolation management process, eliminating administrative burden, enabling real time visibility as to the status of vessels during maintenance, whilst enforcing Royal Australian Navy (RAN) policy at every stage. 

Developed dockside and built onboard, OneTag provides an intuitive, efficient, and fully compliant way to manage isolations.   

100% Compliance delivered at least 10x faster  

Safety usually comes at the expense of efficiency, or vice versa. OneTag achieves both while providing increased visibility, compliance, assurance, and a user experience designed for the Navy, by ex-Navy. 

  •  Enforce consistent isolation procedures to increase safety, reduce defects and drive continuous improvement. 
  •  Increase system visibility and improve stakeholder communications to decrease duplication efforts and avoid planning conflicts.
  •  Streamline contractor lock on/off processes to minimise chokepoints without compromising compliance or information quality.  
  •  Consolidate isolation data to remove the headache of bespoke registers and trackers.
  •  Integrate with Competency Register or Asset and Contractor Management Systems to reduce excessive cross-referencing and input.
  •  Enable safer and more efficient isolation / maintenance practices with roles and permission-based workflows.
  •  Streamline stakeholder experiences to reduce manual handovers and external workflows by digitisation of paper-based workflows. 
  •  Increase the understanding of isolation hardware requirements and usage rates while decreasing excessive inventory.