BlueCats & where it all started

Let’s rewind to 2011.  Cody, Kurt and Nathan have been working together for a number of years on cutting edge technology in retail, both in the USA and Australia.  Determining  precise indoor location in order to add context about how a person shopped was core to the solutions they were developing.  As it turned out, there were no technologies available which were reliable and could be easily scaled.  So, before most in the market today, we built a beacon, wrote a boatload of mobile code (now our SDK) and a cloud based platform in order to keep the ecosystem healthy.


Now, fast forward.  Today we have 4 offices covering APAC, North America and Europe.  Our great team has been working really hard to build products that are adding value to companies in industries ranging from mining to healthcare to office space.  We are determined to make your life much easier in getting you and your devices connected and communicating.

Meet the team

Our Team

Aylwin Chan

Client Engagement & Project Manager

Daniel Rhodes

National Sales Manager

Jeff Uskert

Operations and Logistics Manager

Mason Maguire

Senior Electrical/Mechanical Engineer

Chan Nanayakkara

Senior DBA / BI Developer

Rodrigo Garcia

Senior Software Developer

Darren Ireland

Senior Android Developer

Michael Wu

Senior Graphic Designer

Jarran Pedersen

Senior Backend Developer

Henry Cheng

Senior Android Developer

Casey Anderson

Senior Embedded Engineer

Trevor Burtzos

Senior Firmware Engineer

Damien Clark

Lead iOS Developer

Kaitlin Cox

Administrative Manager

Cody Singleton

Lead Architect

Kurt Nehrenz

VP of Technology

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Level 10, 56 Berry Street
North Sydney NSW 2060, Australia
Email: sales@bluecats.com 
Phone: +61 (2) 8912 7700


301 Chicon Street, Suite A
Austin, Texas, 78702, USA
Email: sales@bluecats.com 
Phone:+1 256 217 4072

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